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General FAQ's

FAQ's for Users

  • Foodorb's users are anyone and everyone who are interested in food and topics related to food, nutrition and health, want to discover, find and buy foods and related products and services, create and share unique food related content, want to be in the know about what’s happening the in the food space around the world and connect with foodies all over the world.

  • Foodorb provides a single platform for the users to get whatever it is about food that they want so that they don’t have to shuffle between various existing platforms to get their dose of yummy!

    Few examples of how Foodorb can help you are:

    • Discover foods locally, nationally and internationally and actually be able to purchase those foods
    • Be in the know about the latest in food and health info, trends and the industry.
    • Support enthusiastic food producers and service providers by purchasing food prepared with love and services provided with passion, provide feedback and share the love!
    • Access food content such as recipes, video recipes, blog and vlog articles created by passionate foodies and respected food influencers and celebrities and follow them!
    • Connect with other foodies of the world and increase your very own food network!
    • Share your favourite content from Foodorb to your account in other social network platforms such as Facebook, Twitter
  • Nothing! Foodorb is free for anyone to sign up!

  • Yes! You can easily connect and share content from Foodorb with Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagramand via email.

    You may also share interesting content from other sources you want by posting to the Food Wall on Foodorband by linking within the “Create Content” feature in “What’s Cooking” sectionand simply follow the prompts!

  • Please refer to Foodorb’sMember’s Terms and Conditions here.

FAQ's for Buyers

  • Foodorb's Buyers are Foodorb's users who purchase the great range of food and related products and services on our platform! Foodorb makes finding the products and services you want easy by providing simple to use filters where you can specify your preferences and choose from multiple products and services that are best suited to your preferences!

  • Foodorb makes it easy for you as a Buyer to purchase food and related products and services by pulling them all into one single platform thus providing convenience and transparency.

  • You simply pay the price of the item/service and shipping free for transactions that require postage and payment processing costs. You do not pay anything extra to use our platform. Pretty reasonable, isn't it?

  • You can pay via Paypal and by using any credit/debit cards. Foodorb's platform is completely secure to handle payments for your peace of mind!

  • Great! All you have to do is wait for your order to be received. Please refer to the Sellers's shipping policy to understand the durations of dispatch and delivery.

  • Please refer to the respective Sellers's shipping policy to understand the durations of dispatch and delivery.

  • Please refer to the respective Sellers's shipping policy to understand the durations of dispatch and delivery.

  • Please refer to the respective Sellers's returns policy to understand the Terms and Conditions of returns and exchanges for the items purchased.

  • Yes, you may get in touch with the Seller/Service Provider by sending them a direct message via our platform! Please note that the need to get in touch with the Seller should be genuine.

    Communication with other users on the Website must be conducted through the text, chat functionality, along with direct message sending and other communication channels provided on the Website.

    Any solicitation material will be strictly monitored and the sender of this material might risk closure of their account. We may read all correspondence posted to the Website and download or access, and test (if necessary), all uploaded files, programs and websites related to your use of the Website for the purpose of investigating fraud, regulatory compliance, risk management and other related purposes.

  • Yes Ofcourse! We recommend that you rate the seller for their products, services and service to you to assist and guide other Buyers and also to provide feedback to the Seller.

FAQ's for Sellers

  • Foodorb's Sellers are any individuals, partners and businesses selling food and drink products, kitchen and dining items, Cookbooks and Food, Drink and Health Books and Providers of services for hire, experiences and programs.

    You may want to sell your products or provide services locally, nationally and internationally, Foodorb can help scale your business as per your capacity!Foodorb will initiate operations Australia wide, eventually scaling globally, thus enabling you to scale globally as well!

  • With its all in one platform, Foodorb provides visibility, targeted marketing and targeted customers to those passionate food makers, food service providers and owners of food related businesses, thus enabling them to reach out to all the lovers of good food and great service!

    Foodorb's Sellers can launch their products/services, check the demand for their products/services, sell their products/services and grow their business.

    Foodorb also connects businesses with other complementary business partners to facilitate business growth and collaboration to extend business reach to more customers! For example, if you need commercial kitchen to prepare you food products for selling on Foodorb, you may find and hire a suitable commercial kitchen in "Services for hire" category that meets your capacity and budget requirements. You may also find suitable food packaging suppliers to pack your food products, taste testers to provide you feedback on your food products and reach out to the customers and food service providers wanting to buy your products!

    To put it simply, Foodorb will be your one stop shop for all your business needs. Foodorb will enable you to test your market and sell your products! It simply cannot get better than this!

  • On Foodorb you may sell food products (dry products, chilled products, frozen products), beverages, wines, spirits and beer, coffee, kitchen and dining items and new and used kitchen appliances. For more ideas, please refer to the categories in Foodorb’s marketplace page.

  • You may offer any food related service, experience and programs on Foodorb's platform. For more ideas, please refer to the categories in Foodorb's marketplace page.

  • Foodorb just takes 5% of the transaction costs only and does not include any other costs such as shipping etc. Also, you don't have to pay any listing costs! – EVER!

    So rest assured you keep more cash in your own pocket and grow your business!

  • No, you don't have to. If you decide that your business just sells to local customers, then you may specify that in your store's shipping policy for Buyers information and also chose shipping destination carefully while creating your store.

  • Sure, you may. If you are selling your products locally and the Buyer is close and is willing to pick up the item then you may be able to do so. Please specify that you allow pickups in your stores shipping policy for Buyers Information.

  • Yes! Foodorb can be your personal retailer! We can manage your inventory, stock your products in our warehouse, sell them for you and get money deposited into your account! For this we charge a management commission of 10% of your items cost (on top of the 5% commission deducted on every transaction on Foodorb) and $15 per square meter of warehouse storage per month.

    This service of Foodorb is only currently available in Australia. However, we are growing soon so please keep a look out for this service being available in your country/location!

  • Yes! With Foodorb you can connect your account to social media such as Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram and other social medias.

  • When your products sell, one of the two scenarios may take place.

    1. You are managing your store and sale of your products on Foodorb’s platform – Foodorb generates an invoice for the sale of your product and sends it to you for processing and dispatch. Once dispatched, you will have to update order status on Foodorb for customer’s information. Customer then receives the product and rates your product and service!
    2. Foodorb is managing your online store and stocking your products (Available in Australia only) –Foodorb generates an invoice for the sale of your product and sends a copy to you for your records. Our diligent team gets straight onto processing and dispatching the order and updates the order status on Foodorb for customer’s information. Customer then receives the product and rates your product and our service!
  • When your services, experiences or programs sell on Foodorb's platform, Foodorb generates an invoice for the sale of the service and sends it to you for organising and execution! You may get in touch with your customer via Foodorb's chat to keep the customer in the loop. Upon provision of service/experience/program, your customer rates your service and provides feedback!

  • Regardless of who is managing your online store (yourself/your company/Foodorb) the food product recall process to follow can be found here.

  • Please find Sellers on Foodorb are covered by Foodorb's Insurance Policy which can be found here. However, it is highly recommended for Sellers to obtain their own insurance for the specific business they are operating on Foodorb's platform.

  • For Sellers preparing food products at home, it is mandatory to obtain Food Licence and ensure the kitchen used for preparing food is registered with their local council and is kept away from children and free of pests. As highlighted in Foodorb’s Sellers Terms and Conditions, Foodorb does not facilitate these processes and it’s the responsibility of the Seller to obtain necessary approvals and licences to carry out such business opeartions on Foodorb’s platforms.

    For Sellers of other products and services, it is important to follow your local business and legislation requirements to carry out your business operations without any hindrances. Foodorb merely provides the platform to carry out your business operations and we it to be Sellers responsibility to ensure that they possess all the required licences and approvals and therefore is not the responsibility of Foodorb.

    Where you choose Foodorb to be your personal retailer, Foodorb satisfies all legislative requirements to manage your inventory and business operations.