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Indian Brothers Catering

ID: 18230856955   |   Location: Australia, Queensland, Brisbane   |   Min 50 - Max 200 people   |   Service Type: Personal,Couple,Group,Customisable,Packages,on   |   (0 reviews)

Brisbane Queensland Australia

Raj Singh

Service Details

We provide the following catering services:

  • Themed Catering
  • Wedding Catering
  • Buffet Catering
  • Specialty Backdrops
  • Entertainment
  • Venue Hire
  • Event Staff

What's Included

We can cater for parties from 50 people to 500. Our expert staff will meet with you and explain each detail. We then prepare a meal plan that will satisfy the fussiest guest. Depending on your needs, we can scale up or down to ensure everyone feels comfortable and you as the host are left satisfied.

Catering for an event means more to us than just supplying food. We know that your occasion means something to you. We aim to please. Our food will be freshly prepared, arrive on time and be delightful to eat. Indian Brothers meals are a talking point, they always hit the spot.

Imagine the smell of freshly baking naan bread greeting your guests on arrival, or the spicy aroma of curries theatre ready-to-eat. It’s all about atmosphere. we can prepare buffets to suit or work within the theme you’ve already created.

Additional Notes/Information

Does your catering need to be prepared to a strict budget? We understand that not everyone can afford the best, but they still need their event to be special. Indian Brothers can have a confidential discussion with you about your budget and how to achieve a great outcome without enormous expense.

Sometimes that can mean skipping hors d’ oeuvres and appetisers, proceeding straight to the main meal instead. Or it can mean hosting the event in one of our restaurant, to avoid travel and setup costs. If you need to work to a cost outcome, let us know upfront and we can go from there.


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Min. 50 People  |  Max. 200 People