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Private Cooking

ID: 14096914875   |   Location: India, Delhi, New Delhi   |   Capacity: Min 2 - Max 10 people   |   (0 reviews)

New Delhi Delhi India
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Sharwan kumar

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Visit a local home and learn about Mangalorean homecooking in this unique culinary experience. Your host Wilma will open her home to you and teach you about the foods she grew up eating and serves to her family. Wilma is a seasoned home cook and loves to entertain. During your one-hour cooking demonstration Wilma will show you how she prepares Mangalorean specialties like appams (South Indian crepes made with fermented rice batter) or sannas (small, fluffy steamed cakes) with a chicken stew and a seasonal vegetable curry. This experience is a wonderful way to gain insight into the local culture in Bangalore and spend time with a local who is eager to share her culture and cuisine with visitors!


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Per Person 3,000.00
Advance (100%) 3,000

Min. 2 People  |  Max. 10 People