It transcends race, ethnicity, sex, sexuality, age and class
It creates traditions
Regardless of culture and tradition, it brings all communities together
It is what we turn to when celebrating a birth or mourning a death
It opens a world of possibilities
We all need it to survive in one form or another
It is a universal language for love

Food Ofcourse!

At Foodorb We Celebrate Food and Everything Associated with it

Foodorb is a one of a kind platform that provides a one stop shop for food and everything related to it for everyone - our sellers, buyers and users!

General Users
For General Users
Foodorb connects the foodies of the world by bringing them a common platform to connect, create, share, follow and be in the know about the latest in food items, trends and content so that the users do not have to shuffle between various platforms to get their daily dose of yummy!
For Buyers
For Buyers
Foodorb allows the buyers to discover, find and buy great food made of love, quality and creative kitchen and dining items that are great for personal use or as perfect gifts, services, experiences, programs of great value and yummy reads easily, all in one handy location!
For Sellers
For Sellers
Foodorb provides visibility to those passionate food creators and food service providers with an ALL-IN-ONE platform enabling them to easily reach out to all the lovers of good food! Not only this, Foodorb connects businesses with interdependent business partners to facilitate business growth and collaboration to create an amazing network of food!

We hope, whatever products, services or content strike your fancy, that you find something of value on our platform, but more importantly, that you are hungry for more.

To put it simply, whatever it is you use Foodorb's platform for, you can create YOUR WORLD OF FOOD!

About Foodorb

Found in October 2017, Foodorb’s humble beginnings arose from a need, when our founder faced a life challenge after she was diagnosed with food allergies – She struggled to find convenient access to food products, services and advice that catered to her needs.

Food allergies are definitely nothing new and are becoming more common everyday, but finding readily available products and services that catered to her needs, with a decent selection from the regular supermarkets and shops was challenging. Food vendors that were able to cater to her individual needs were not easy to find because they were smaller, private or home businesses not heavily promoted, and usually outcompeted and overshadowed by the bigger retail companies.

Seeing this as an issue but also an opportunity to make a difference, she decided to level the playing field for those businesses, by creating a platform which helps the small businesses have an equal opportunity to give their products and services exposure to customers that need them alongside the large companies that now have another marketing and distribution channel.

Welcome to Foodorb!

Foodorb aims to connect businesses selling food products and services with customers needing those products and services. Foodorb creates connections between sellers, buyers and people just like you to discover all sorts of great foodie things (products, services recipes, videos, food and health advice, other foodies) and help each other!

Jump on board by signing up below and open the doors to YOUR world of FOOD.