Foodorb is a one-stop-shop social food discovery marketplace that brings together and connects the world over something so essential and so diverse – FOOD

Our unique platform allows you to discover something unique, share something interesting, create something delicious, form something special and belong to something great! Our platform also empowers people to turn their food business dreams into a reality defying the various business constraints that have come about due to the traditional approach to business and enables business owners to reach out to a world of customers. Foodorb is committed to reimagining and creating a new connected world that truly celebrates FOOD.


Our values keep us accountable to our commitments

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Bring Values to Our Users
Our platform empowers our customers to create their own network and world of food – be it for pleasure or for business. We strive to give them the best experience at it because we believe that we are nothing without our Customers
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Belief in Our Mission
We dare to dream and we work hard to make it a reality because we believe that nothing is hard when you are passionate about it – and our passion is connecting the world over food.
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Love, Belong and Connect Over FOOD
A sincere love for food
A yummy world of possibilities
A great place to belong

Yes! That is Foodorb!
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Improve the Status Quo
Foodorb is unique because it is a result of out of the box thinking, dedication to empowerment and a strong will to change the status quo for the better!
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Embrace Uniqueness
We are all unique and yet we share a lot of similarities with those around us. Similarly Foodorb embodies this very essence of uniqueness, similarity and connectivity by creating a medium for caring, sharing and belonging.